Performance 20 minutes, Roma - IT

Federica Peyrolo and Lucia Bricco

The performance “Silence is listening to what is missing” attempts to activate a circular and continuous movement between the elements. The strain is not in the action itself but in reaching out for what is missing.
The performer (Lucia Bricco) is hanging onto the wall at a height of about 2 mt, motionless, just a moment before reaching the desired point. She looks directly to the sky. She has a climbing harness and a rope going down into the hands of the second performer (Federica Peyrolo) that secures her, counterbalancing with the weight of her body.

The second performer is lying on her back on the ground, directly under the first performer and pushing her legs against the wall as she carefully watches over the climber. An aluminium plate with the inscription “Il silenzio è l'ascolto di quello che manca” hangs on the same wall. The performers stay motionless during the whole performance.

Every element of the action (performer1, performer2, rope and title) are an incomplete part of a movement with three different directions and three different impetuses.

The lack, or the absence, is the only drifting factor within the multiple orientations of this space. 

Siderare '15, Forte Portuense, Rome IT

curated by Fondazione VOLUME!


Rome meet Glasgow, 2016

MACRO Testaccio, Rome IT